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LIVESTREAM on November 7th. 2023
Bloop London is an Online Underground Radio Station based in the heart of Central London. Specialised in Electronic Music and otherworldly sounds from around the globe.
This show is hosted by the italian DJ Venere alongside Baaroom, who specially invited Cyrana for this unique edition.

FLIP FLOP Radio Show [041]
INTERVIEW + PODCAST on February 28th . 2021
Flip Flop Radio Show is a Collaborative Podcast from Avelaina Records  in Madrid.
This session is called Cyrana: Nomadic Life, is a 30 minutes interview which addresses the different aspects of the artist within music and the influence that her nomadic life brought to her production.

Sentando a Lenha #SAL
LIVESTREAM on January 08th. 2021
Sentando a Lenha is a south-brazilian movement based in Sydney, Australia with the intention of spreading electronic music through multi-sensory experience.
This is a 5 years celebration set, recorded specially for its YouTube channel.

Unusu4l London
LIVESTREAM on November 29th. 2020
Unusu4l London was created in London, UK with the intention to bring positive vibes to people who love dancing and follow good music. Inspired by electronic music, unusual's artists are free to express themselves without following any kind of usual standardisation.
This sunset set was recorded in a rooftop for its YouTube channel.

Minimo Music
LIVESTREAM on July 11st. 2020
Minimo is a label for electronic music based in the city of Santa Maria, Brazil, where the party takes place inside an empty pool.
This set was recorded in an abandoned factory exceptionally for its YouTube channel.

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